Membrane Treatment - Technical Guidance Document

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The report provides background information on the various proprietary membrane processes. It also gives case study information and general methodologies for fouling amelioration and integrity testing along with appropriate strategies provided for membrane plant maintenance and recommended ranges of values for key plant operational parameters, based on practical experiences.
Evidence provided across 17 UK membrane plants and 10 in the US, reveals that the US plants generally perform with fewer problems encountered concerning periodic fouling and loss of membrane integrity, despite generally poorer qualities of water being treated. The observed differences appear to be associated with more frequent backflushing, lower design operating fluxes and a rigorous cleaning protocol.
The report recommends that UK plant be operated under conditions that more closely resemble those of the US plant; benefits from optimal membrane operation are self-evident.  Any strategy which extends membrane life through adopting the most effective cleaning protocols and pre-treatment processes is likely to be favoured provided the amortised cost of these does not exceed that from recovered membrane expenditure.



UKWIR Reference :- 05/DW/14/1Published Date :- 28/11/2005
Retail Price (£) :- 11ISBN :- 1 84057 390 2