A Briefing on Microorganisms and Drinking Water Supplies: A Review of the Literature 2004-2005

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This review focuses on the period of April 2004 to March 2005. Literature containing information relevant to the microbiological quality of water was appraised and the implications for the Industry assessed.
No immediate threats to the safety of drinking water supplies were identified. However, there were some topics that merit further consideration when prioritising future research needs. These are:
- Increasing evidence that UV irradiation .can provide an effective barrier against Cryptosporidium.
- Suggestions that drinking water could be responsible for sporadic cases of campylobacterosis.
- The public health significance of the release of Helicobacter and Mycobacteria from biofilms
- The role that chlorine residuals in distribution have in protecting public health



UKWIR Reference :- 05/DW/02/40Published Date :- 30/11/2005
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