A Review of Ct in Water Disinfection

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The inactivation rate of microorganisms by disinfection is commonly expressed as the product of the concentration (C) and the contact time (t). In this report, methods for determining the optimum Ct value have been reviewed, as have influential factors such as temperature and pH. In the United Kingdom, water companies have developed their own strategies based essentially on chlorine residual measurement, contact time and compliance with statutory microbial standards. This has generally produced Ct values of around 15-30 mg.min/l that should be adequate to achieve compliance with the UK and European regulations and inactivate pathogenic bacteria.

This report provides a useful guide to the origins of the Ct concept, methods for its determination and factors influencing disinfection efficiency as well as a review of disinfection strategies used elsewhere in the world.



UKWIR Reference :- 05/DW/02/37Published Date :- 23/05/2005
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