Detecting and Responding to Sewer Blockages

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The report considers the occurrence and causes of sewer blockages and reviews current management practice in the context of regulatory developments. A general specification is provided for a blockage detection system, including requirements for installation, maintenance, safety, reliability and cost. Potential monitoring parameters are reviewed and available sensor technologies are considered with particular focus on level and pressure monitoring. Communications options are reviewed, including systems architecture and telemetry integration. A methodology is described for assessing the costs and benefits of alternative approaches to blockage management, and calculations are provided in a spreadsheet. The cost benefit analysis is applied to eight case studies. An assessment is made of the market for sewer blockage detection equipment. The report concludes that subject to further development by suppliers and successful field trials, on-line detection of sewer blockages offers a technically feasible and cost-effective approach to the management of sewer blockages and their consequences.



UKWIR Reference :- 04/WW/21/4Published Date :- 27/09/2004
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 Detecting and Responding to Sewer Blockages - CD