Priority Hazardous Substances, Trace Organics and Diffuse Pollution (Water Framework Directive):Treatment Options and Potential Costs

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This is the final report of the WW17C research programme which aimed to improve the water industry's understanding of Water Framework Directive priority substances in sewage. The results of sampling studies from earlier stages of the programme are summarised and used, in conjunction with a review of the fate of priority substances in wastewater treatment, to assess potential treatment costs. If end of pipe treatment is required as the main control measure for priority substances then, based on the quality standards being proposed, the additional whole life cost for England and Wales alone could be in excess of £6billion.



UKWIR Reference :- 04/WW/17/5Published Date :- 22/07/2004
Retail Price (£) :- 24ISBN :- 1-84057-333-3