Odour Standards for the Wastewater Industry

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The scientific literature and documented case studies relating to odour nuisance from wastewater treatment processes have been reviewed, with a view to establishing a sound basis upon which a workable odour standard could be promulgated by the UK water service providers. A review and assessment of the current legislative controls over odour in England and the devolved administrations was also conducted, including examination of recent and ongoing legal actions. It is concluded that further work on human exposure-response relationships for wastewater odours would be needed in order to support development of a specific odour standard. At the present time, there is insufficient scientific evidence to allow confident adoption of an odour standard. Recommendations are included for possible future research work to support the further development of odour standards for wastewater treatment in the UK; together with an evaluation of risk-based assessment procedures and a detailed whole-life cost assessment.



UKWIR Reference :- 04/WW/13/6Published Date :- 05/10/2004
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