Sustainable WWTW for Small Communities Vol I: Sustainability and the Water Industry (Part Of Set)

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Sustainable development is of particular interest to the water industry which finds itself having to comply with increasingly stringent standards for wastewater effluent quality whilst being pressed to minimise the cost to the consumer. Treatment processes suitable for achieving these high standards of effluent quality are likely to involve increased costs, energy usage and greenhouse gas emmisions. These issues are particularly relevant to small wastewater treatment works which are more likely to be located in remote situations where the application of complex high-energy processes are probably inappropriate. Volume I discusses the background to sustainability considerations within the water industry and presents the framework for the methodology. Sold as a 2 Volume set for £400 with Volume II 04/WW/04/10



UKWIR Reference :- 04/WW/04/9Published Date :- 04/08/2004
Retail Price (£) :- 73ISBN :- 1-84057-323-6


Supporting Material and Reports

 Sustainable WWTW for Small Communities Vol I and Vol II
Sustainable WWTW for Small Communities Vol II: BPSO Methodology Handbook (POS)