A Review of the UK-ADAPT Project Database

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The main purpose of the UK-ADAPT (Agricultural Diffuse Aquatic Pollution Toolkit) initiative is to share knowledge between stakeholders, to enable synthesis of existing information and planning of future work on diffuse water pollution from agriculture. The UK-ADAPT website project database was originally populated by contacting key institutes and individuals, to alert them to the initiative. This document provides a formal review of all the 67 projects that were in the database as of August 2003, in the context of diffuse water pollution from agriculture, catchment management and the Water Framework Directive. Projects were reviewed in terms of providing information on monitoring water quality, modelling/GIS, mitigation methods and effecting changes in management practices. This information was used to draw together a set of recommendations for future research. Future compliance with the Water Framework Directive, and the role that UK-ADAPT can play in helping towards this was also examined.



UKWIR Reference :- 04/WR/11/2Published Date :- 10/03/2004
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