A Framework Methodology for Estimating the Impact of Household Metering on Consumption - Further Analysis

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This report presents the methodology and findings from a further empirical investigation into the determinants of the household decision to opt for measured charging and the resulting effects on water consumption. The investigation expands upon previous UKWIR research for project WR/01 “The Impact of Household Metering on Consumption”, which is reported in UKWIR Reports 03/WR/01/4 and 03/WR/01/5. The present report presents findings on the effects of metering publicity on optant take-up, the effects of optant metering on medium-term optant consumption trends and the effects of opting on consumption in peak months and seasons and in various weather conditions.



UKWIR Reference :- 04/WR/01/6Published Date :- 05/02/2004
Retail Price (£) :- 22ISBN :- 1-84057-319-8