Endocrine Disrupters in Sewage Sludge: A Comparison of Analytical Methods

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The aim of this research was to determine the oestrogenicity of sewage sludge and soils and to determine endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) using a newly developed method. The results show that free steroid oestrogens were detectable at low concentrations in sewage sludge. Oestrogenicity testing of sewage sludge using the ER-CALUX bioassay showed that sewage sludge is oestrogenic. However, aqueous leachates of the soil and most of the sludge samples (except primary and activated sludge) gave no oestrogenic response. This suggests that oestrogenic compounds present in sludge may not leach into groundwater or be bio-available when applied to land.



UKWIR Reference :- 04/TX/04/8Published Date :- 02/02/2004
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