Sewage Sludge: A Fuel or a Waste?

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An appraisal of the policy, technological, environmental and social impacts associated with the co-combustion of sewage sludge is presented. Five scenarios for co-combustion were selected to reflect a range of operational scales, project structures and growth potential. These scenarios were subject to thermodynamic and materials flow modelling and were discussed with key stakeholders. The scenarios that can be most rapidly implemented (co-combustion with the power and industrial sectors) are those suffering poor water service provider control and public perception, while those with potentially greater security (co-combustion with wastes or biomass) and sustainability require a greater investment and present significant risks to the water service providers.



UKWIR Reference :- 04/SL/13/1Published Date :- 01/09/2004
Retail Price (£) :- 12ISBN :- 1-84057-338-4