Review of the Microbial Implications of Climate Change for the Water Industry

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This report assesses how the current predictions for climate change could impact on the microbiological quality of drinking water. On current evidence, changes in the worldwide geographical distribution of pathogens caused by climate change, including those borne by vectors such as mosquitoes, are unlikely to have a significant impact on infections from drinking water in the UK. At works using river abstraction, the predicted increased frequency of storm events will impact on raw water quality. Higher turbidity and associated increased microbial loadings will present a greater challenge to coagulation and disinfection processes It is concluded that the potential effects of climate change will not pose a threat to well managed water treatment plants. Problems could arise with private water supplies, and supplies derived from surface waters where filtration is not used. Groundwaters that can be influenced by surface water, but which are not filtered, may also be vulnerable.



UKWIR Reference :- 04/DW/02/32Published Date :- 07/01/2004
Retail Price (£) :- 10ISBN :- 1-84057-318-X