Water Industry Debt - Socioeconomic and Demographic Effects

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The project was initiated to provide factual information on the profile of industry consumer debtors to inform discussions with Government, the Regulator, Consumer, and Industry Groups.

The basis of the analysis was domestic household customers with balances outstanding as at 31st March 2004. 14 water companies supplied information, including all the Water and Sewerage companies in England and Wales.

The analysis included;

  • geodemographic profiling at a postcode level, and
  • analysis at a Household and Individual level.

he analysis identified that industry debtors were more likely to have significant other debt and a history of indebtedness; that a significant proportion of the debt was associated with recent relocation; that the younger generation were less likely to pay than older generations and that single people were over-represented compared to couples.



UKWIR Reference :- 04/CU/04/3Published Date :- 03/11/2004
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