Water Industry Debt - Minimising the Problem of Non-Payers

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This is a qualitative research project comprising focus groups and depth interviews among customers with water debt of more than 12 months, in seven locations in England and Wales. It also includes customers considered to be 'vulnerable to debt' (eg those with low literacy levels, long-term disabilities or mental health problems, single parents, long term unemployed) and depth interviews with Citizens Advice debt counsellors and The Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

The research builds on work in 2003 for WaterVoice and Ofwat among customers with water debt of three months' standing, which identified three debtor types:

  • Why should I pay?
  • Poor Money Managers and
  • Strugglers.

It expands each of these into two sub-categories to reflect the wide range of circumstances which give rise to the more entrenched attitudes to water debt.

The findings highlight some unique issues for the water industry and makes recommendations on the method of contact considered most appropriate for each debtor type.



UKWIR Reference :- 04/CU/04/2Published Date :- 22/06/2004
Retail Price (£) :- 15ISBN :- 1-84057-326-0