Managing Microbial and Chemical Risks from Source to Tap: Report and Toolbox

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The traditional approach to assuring drinking water quality and safety by monitoring final water at the works and at the tap has been the foundation of regulation to date. Such an approach is resource intensive and, for many parameters, the quality of water is only known after it has been distributed; thus not providing sufficient re-assurance for consumers or suppliers. An alternative approach, being considered internationally, is to move to more proactive management of risks through greater process monitoring and control. The framework and toolbox outlined in this report provide a structure in which the proactive management approach can be adapted to the circumstances and requirements of individual water companies, building on existing company procedures.



UKWIR Reference :- 03/DW/02/31Published Date :- 01/12/2003
Retail Price (£) :- 17ISBN :- 1-84057-311-2