Water Industry Debt - Current Trends and Good Practice Approaches

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In recent years the water industry has seen rising levels of outstanding debt, rising numbers of customers in debt and rising costs associated with collecting debt. The government has yet to be convinced that the water industry has levels of debt and trends of increasing debt that are substantially different to other utilities / industries operating in the UK. This report is the result of quantitative and qualitative research designed to inform the debate on the unique position of the water industry and to provide guidance to companies on good practice approaches to debt management. The study tracks the relative position of the water industry in terms of the levels and trends in debt, particularly since the ban on the disconnection of supply was introduced. An analysis is undertaken of the collections and recovery practices of large-scale lenders and the utilities sector in order to ascertain whether the water industry is adopting ‘good practice’ in collection and recovery so far as regulatory constraints and scale economies allow.



UKWIR Reference :- 03/CU/04/1Published Date :- 08/12/2003
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