Climate Change and the Hydraulic Design of Sewerage Systems Volume IV: Associated Topics; IVB - International Drainage Practices

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This report is part of a major study on the impact of climate change on sewerage hydraulic design The project was wide ranging, but with a principle focus on the performance of sewerage systems under future (year 2080) rainfall conditions and what changes might be needed in the hydraulic design of sewerage systems to address any problems that climate change might pose. Other issues include, a summary of international drainage practice and predicted changes in sea levels and river flows.

This report is one of 13 documents collated in 4 volumes. This document is one of four in volume IV - Associated Topics.

The other reports in volume IV cover:

  • An evaluation of the different parameters used in FSR and FEH and their implications with regard to sewerage system design and simulation
  • An overview of high intensity spatial rainfall and the issues relating to climate change and drainage system evaluation

This report provides a summary of current best drainage practices and the possible future direction that drainage design might take is considered.



UKWIR Reference :- 03/CL/10/11Published Date :- 13/12/2004
Retail Price (£) :- 12ISBN :- 1 84057 365 1