Climate Change and the Hydraulic Design of Sewerage Systems: Summary Report

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This report provides an overview of the findings from this major study on the impact of climate change on sewerage hydraulic design. In addition to this Summary Report there are 12 other reports collated in 4 volumes.

The investigations ranged widely, but with a principle focus on the performance of sewerage systems to future (year 2080) rainfall and what changes might be needed in the hydraulic design of sewerage systems to address any problems that climate change might pose. Other issues include, a summary of international drainage practice and predicted changes in, sea levels and river flows.

The findings of the project as a whole were that, while there are significant uncertainties in the prediction of changes in rainfall over the next century the analysis carried out under this project indicates that for many areas of the UK rainfall events are likely to become more extreme. This would result in a significant reduction in sewerage systems performance particularly in respect of flood protection and CSO discharges and suggests the need for changes in the design of sewerage systems.

A set of national rainfall maps in digital or and paper form have been produced to present the results of the rainfall analysis and illustrate the differences between FSR to FEH and the possible changes to extreme rainfall over the coming century.



UKWIR Reference :- 03/CL/10/0Published Date :- 13/12/2004
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