Service Pipe Leakage

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Leaks from services pipes account for a significant proportion of unaccounted for water in UK water distribution networks. This report covers various aspects of the subject looking principally at detection and location methods. A comprehensive decision chart has been developed to aid the user in selecting the most likely lowest cost repair solution. A prototype twin wall insertion probe has been developed which enables the precise location of a service pipe leak to be determined. The bulk of the report is dedicated to the experiments conducted using neural networks to attempt to characterise service pipe leaks. The aim was to use the acoustic signals given off by a leaking pipe to determine the location and size of the leak as well as the material from which the pipe was made. Whilst some results are promising there is a considerable way to go before the recognition software would be of any commercial value.



UKWIR Reference :- 02/WM/08/28Published Date :- 10/02/2003
Retail Price (£) :- 31ISBN :- 1-84057-278-7