Odour Control in Wastewater Treatment - A Technical Reference Document

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Malodours arising from sewage treatment and sludge handling activities can provoke customer complaints and lead to adverse media attention. In extreme cases they can affect the quality of life of those people who work or live close to the source. The UK water and wastewater service provides (WSP,’s) take the issue of odour seriously and recognise that the prevention and control of malodours is an essential part of the wastewater service. They have identified a need for a credible, reliable source of information that they can access for guidance on the subject of odour control. This Technical Reference Document (TRD) satisfies that need, providing in a single report comprehensive up-to-date source of information on odour control measures available to WwTW operators. The TRD consists of two parts. Part 1 describes the principles of odour formation, measurement and management. Part 2 describes in detail the practical methods available to control odours in wastewater treatment. The two parts togethe



UKWIR Reference :- 01/WW/13/3Published Date :- 17/04/2002
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