Evaluation of Welding & Jointing of Plastic Pressure Pipes

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Welding criteria for PE systems have been evaluated by analysis of thermal data to try to reduce heating/cooling cycles and thus speed up jointing where butt fusion is used. A new harmonised set of welding conditions have been evolved which should allow the same conditions to be used for both gas and water pipe installations. Also, the new ‘Fastweld’ process which allows for reduced has been thoroughly investigated and new conditions devised to allow reduced cycle welds to be made with the same physical conditions as standard joints. Welds made in a full range of PE80 and PE100 pipes from 90mm to 400mm diameter have been tested at both 20°C and –5°C. The toughness of welds has been found to be satisfactory for all wall thicknesses up to 30mm. A full assessment of the welding properties of ‘Profuse’ PE pipe with an external PP skin has been made. Jointing of the pipe has been found to be totally satisfactory by both butt fusion and electrofusion welding. With electrofusion fitti



UKWIR Reference :- 01/WM/02/15Published Date :- 17/04/2002
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