The Residual Structural Properties of Cast Iron Pipes – Structural and Design Criteria for Linings for Water Mains

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The options for relining of old cast iron water mains depend crucially on the perceived condition of the old pipe. All the pipe condition databases which are known to exist in the UK have been combined to give an appreciation of the rates of internal and external corrosion of old cast iron pipes. Also, pipe burst databases have been analysed to check on the prime modes of pipe failure. From these analyses, it is concluded that the growth of corrosion pits to cause holes to develop in the wall of the pipe is not the prime cause of failure. Rather old iron pipes fail when there are ground movements which cause bending moments to be applied which then cause the pipe to crack. The origins of the cracks are corrosion pits which act as stress concentrations. These pits need not necessarily have grown all the way through the pipe wall. In such cases, the projected residual lifetimes based on simple wall penetration will be optimistic. The other major problem in forecasting lifetimes based on corrosion growth is that



UKWIR Reference :- 01/WM/02/14Published Date :- 17/04/2002
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