Survey of PCDD/ Fs and Non- Ortho PCBs in UK Sewage Sludges

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A survey of the PCDD/ F and non- ortho PCB content in the digested sludge of 14 UK wastewater treatment works was carried out. The range of total PCDD/ F concentration in the sludges was 8880- 428000 pg/ g dw. Total non- ortho PCB concentrations were in the range 272- 63000 pg/ g dw. The PCDD/ F I- TEQs of the sludges studied were comparable to those published in the literature with a range of 20- 225 pg I- TEQ/ g dw. The non- ortho PCBs usually added 3- 4 pg/ g to the total I- TEQ. The homologue group pattern of the PCDD/ Fs was consistent with that found in most sewage sludges.



UKWIR Reference :- 01/SL/03/4Published Date :- 17/04/2002
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