UKWIR/EA A Unified Methodology for the Determination of Deployable Output from Water Sources - Volume 1

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This joint UKWIR/ Environment Agency project examined current practices for determination of surface water and ground water deployable output (DO) and concluded that a unified approach was both desirable and feasible. However because of limitations in data availability and assessment tools it is impossible to implement such a method immediately. The report of the project is in two volumes. Volume 1 describes the background to the project, the survey of existing methods and user needs. It also describes the conceptual development of a proposed unified generic framework for DO determination and its implementation. Full implementation of the unified methodology depends largely on additional data gathering to minimise the subjectivity in applying existing methods and to improve compatibility of surface and groundwater procedures. The report also identifies three areas of further research. Volume 2 is intended to be used as a guide for practitioners and it provides details of the improved methodologies.



UKWIR Reference :- 00/WR/18/1Published Date :- 17/04/2002
Retail Price (£) :- 13ISBN :- 1 84057 198 5