UK Direct Toxicity Assessment (DTA) Demonstration Programme Lower Tees EstuaryDemonstration Project ? Part II

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As part of a trial of a DTA approach in the UK a second element of a case study was study carried out on a 5.5 km reach of the Lower Tees estuary, a location where there was a history of poor receiving water quality. The study was designed to carry out a toxicity reduction evaluation (TRE) exercise on a complex discharge that is known to contribute significant ecotoxicity to a receiving water environment. The study was successful in applying toxicity tracking and toxicity identification evaluation procedures to an effluent treatment works and discharge in its associated sewer network. The learning points and recommendations from the case study will be used in the development of Technical Guidance. WE OFFER 7 REPORTS (00/TX/02/01,2,3,4,5,6,7) THROUGH OUR WEBSITE FOR A TOTAL OF £400. THE WEBSITE WILL PROCESS YOUR ORDER AT FULL PRICE AND THEN REFUND YOUR CREDIT CARD WITH THE DIFFERENCE



UKWIR Reference :- 00/TX/02/04Published Date :- 17/04/2002
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