Application of Statistical Process Control in Water Treatment for Managing Cryptosporidium Risk

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The aims of the work were to demonstrate the use of SPC in water treatment, to enable companies to identify techniques of potential value to their operating regimes, and to assist in their implementation. With respect to management of Cryptosporidium risk at surface water treatment works, techniques have been reviewed to provide: · sensitive analysis of turbidity trends in final water to rapidly identify any deterioration in treatment performance, · comparison of the performance of individual filters, with the potential to allow individual filters to be managed based on clearly defined statistical targets, · a statistical basis for setting turbity alarms for final water. For groundwaters, data available from two sites indicated that short- term turbitity spikes associated with flowrate changes could be clearly distinguished from longer term trends associated with rainfall. The operational capacity to differentiate between these would help manage Cryptosporidium risks assocated with rapid surface water ing



UKWIR Reference :- 00/DW/06/15Published Date :- 17/04/2002
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