Mains Cleaning Good Practice Report

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The purpose of this UKWIR project was to gather information to identify and review the effectiveness of mains cleaning interventions and to develop evidence based best practice approaches to mains cleaning, inclusive of planning, design, costs, customer management, delivery and post-project assessment. The project produced:

(i) A Mains Cleaning Good Practice Guide document to provide guidance on the planning and implementation of mains cleaning strategies and interventions and a Decision Support Tool to assist users in selection of appropriate cleaning techniques and technologies for a particular application.

(ii) A Mains Cleaning Good Practice Report which presents the work that was carried out during this project and summarises the information gathered. The report provides conclusions and recommendations based on the finding of the project.



UKWIR Reference :- 18/WM/18/7Published Date :- 21/07/2018
Retail Price (£) :- 500ISBN :- 1 84057 858 0


Supporting Material and Reports

 18/WM/18/7 CD
Mains Cleaning Good Practice Guide