Fast logging for improved estimation of household night use

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An important part of quantifying leakage using DMAs is removing the legitimate night use from the minimum night flow. Over recent years several water companies have been investigating the use of 'fast logging' techniques and their application to estimating night use.

The onjectives of this project were to review the various fast logging systems for estimating night use, demonstrate the effectiveness or performance of the techniques and to provide guidance on how to use and supply the methods.

The report provides guidance on how to use fast logging in small areas and in DMAs. Various factors impact how much of the toal night use can be detected with fast logging, and these are explained in the report. Guidance is also given on how to apply fast logging for consistent regulatory leakage reporting.



UKWIR Reference :- 17/WM/08/66Published Date :- 28/03/2018
Retail Price (£) :- 200ISBN :- 1 84057 848 3