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Drought Vulnerability Framework

The Drought Vulnerability Framework (DVF) provides a framework of methodologies to enable water companies to better understand the vulnerabilities of their water resource zones to drought.  It builds on the concept of the Drought Response Surface (DRS) originally derived for the Environment Agency ‘Understanding the Performance of Water Supply Systems during Mild to Extreme Droughts’ study (report Ref SC120048/R).  The DVF has used case study examples as a proof of methodology across the range of available data and behavioural models that currently exist within WRZs in England and Wales, to calculate the required inputs to the DRS.  The DRS contains information about drought response and risk to provide companies and stakeholders with a more comprehensive understanding of system resilience to droughts of different durations, in a consistent format. It also highlights critical drought durations for a given WRZ and provides an indication of potential periods of ‘failure’ under droughts of different durations and severities.

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