Climate Change Modelling and the WRMP

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This Guidance reviews current climate change evidence and methodologies and proposes a new approach for WRMP 2024 designed to be used with the forthcoming UKCP18 climate projections. The existing 'top-down' approach to climate change is resource intensive and has led to significant investment to understand how systems respond to different climate exposures. In advance of WRMP 2024, this project has sought to build upon this understanding and has developed a 'bottom-up' approach framed in the context of system resilience to droughts. An online tool accompanies the Guidance to enable practitioners to apply the approach to quickly evaluate new climate change evidence and identify any scenarios for subsequent analysis, where appropriate. Using ten contrasting case studies, the Guidance demonstrates how the approach and tool can be used to assess new climate change evidence in a proportionate, targeted and system specific manner and communicate the results to stakeholders.



UKWIR Reference :- 18/CL/04/16Published Date :- 10/11/2018
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