Catchment Management for Water Quality and Quantity

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This project evaluated whether catchment management makes a difference to water quality and quantity. The project included a structured evidence review and interviews of water company catchment leads. Over half of the evidence (122 catchments) demonstrated an improvement in water quality from catchment management. Measuring loads rather than concentration alone is more likely to demonstrate an effect. Effectiveness varies between pollutants, with stronger evidence of a positive effect for pesticides. The duration of post-intervention monitoring data required to detect a measurable effect varies but is on average six years, whereas most water company schemes have less than five years of targeted monitoring data. There is need for a greater consistency in the design, monitoring, evaluation and reporting for schemes and for longer term monitoring. An improved understanding is needed on the payback from catchment management including the financial, environmental, social and natural capital/ecosystem service benefits.



UKWIR Reference :- 19/EQ/01/17Published Date :- 06/08/2019
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