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Biosolids to Market: A Strategic Proposal to Explore the Threats to Biosolids to Land – Now and in the Future

Biosolids are valuable sources of crop nutrients, stable organic matter and lime which improve soil quality and fertility. Their recycling to land also completes natural nutrient and carbon cycles. However, there is increasing concern about the fate of substances in biosolids (e.g. microplastics, fibres and organic chemicals) following application to land and their impact on the environment and human health. 
A robust, evidenced based approach to address these emerging issues is required to ensure that biosolids are managed safely and sustainably. 
A comprehensive review of the industry’s approach to biosolids management, and the range of substances/issues that could be present, and which could affect the current practice of biosolids recycling to agricultural land in particular, has therefore been undertaken.



UKWIR Reference  18/SL/01/9Published Date 07/12/2018
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