Basis for a Programme of Chemical Investigations to be Carried out by the Water Industry During the AMP7 Period

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The UK Water Industry, under the coordination of UKWIR and in collaboration with UK regulatory agencies, initiated the Chemical Investigations Programme (CIP) in response to emerging legislation on surface water quality. The first phase provided an overview of the occurrence, behaviour and management of trace contaminants in wastewater. The second phase recognised the potential importance of chemicals at a national level as well as the complexity of chemical control and removal. This scoping of the third phase ensures that CIP3 will address the challenges raised in the Water Industry National Environment Programme in terms of its objectives and timescale. The delivery of CIP3 will improve our understanding of works discharging to coastal and transitional water bodies, reduce uncertainties with regards to specific substances and the effectiveness of removal processes as well as recognising the additional complexity of emerging issues such as microplastics and antimicrobial resistance. This report coordinates the respective aims and views of the regulators and water companies into a mutually agreed programme of works.



UKWIR Reference :- 19/EQ/01/19Published Date :- 15/10/2019
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