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Carbon, Sustainability, circular economy, natural capital, net positive....where are we and where should we be?

 Identify the importance of placing sustainability concepts, carbon, natural capital etc at the heart of business plans.
- Develop ways to describe the sustainability of the sector, across companies and in comparison with other service providers.
- Identify if there is a need for common metrics to update sustainability communications
- Identify the industry's peformance and provide ideas for further improvement.

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Modelling a dynamic and uncertain future – preparing SAGIS for changes in climate, PR24, RBMP Cycle 3 and Brexit

In preparation for PR24 and RBMP cycle 3, we need to use SAGIS to explore the significance of uncertainty associated with model data and identify measures where we have the greatest confidence to invest. River flow and effluent dilution capacity is a key area to explore as it is a fundamental consideration for all determinands of concern. We also need to continue to assess point sources and develop a better understanding of the contributions from other sectors, in particular agriculture. This will entail development of improved diffuse flow load/concentration relationships and testing our current assumptions with updated data and evidence. The objective of this research is to improve model accuracy by improving model estimations of dilution capacity and percentile concentration estimates. Climate change modelling in SAGIS-SIMCAT is currently being scoped. This will again be of significance when assessing flow and the output should also feed into the WRMP model as any changes in river water quality will affect the ability of Water Companies to abstract water and effect deployable output.