Measuring the Efficiency of Active Leakage Control

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This project reviewed the appropriate measures of Active Leakage Control performance and how efficiency of Active Leakage Control activity can be meaningfully quantified in the context of explanatory factors. The project included a survey of water company and contractor representatives to understand in detail the motivations for assessing efficiency. Illustrative models at a number of levels using frontier efficiency analysis techniques were developed to allow both operational and strategic issues associated with Active Leakage Control to be considered. Water companies should build models of Active Leakage Control efficiency based upon the approaches described in this report. Once causes of inefficiency have been identified by models developed, water companies should implement any actions that can be identified to address these. Water companies should also use the outputs of Active Leakage Control efficiency models to understand how the costs of efficient activities compare to other approaches to leakage reduction.



UKWIR Reference :- 19/WM/08/69Published Date :- 21/10/2019
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