Achieving Zero Leakage by 2050: Leak Detection and Location Methods - Acoustic Leak Detection

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The work described in this report was undertaken under the UKWIR zero leakage 2050 programme. This report addresses Lot 2, Leak Detection and Location Methods, and focuses on addressing issues related to this area of work. In particular, research related to detection and location methods which exploit acoustics and/or vibration in some form is addressed. This includes, for example, correlation methods, acoustic emission methods and optical fibre sensing methods; thus the work extends beyond those methods which are traditionally thought to be “acoustic”. The work focuses on both potential enhancements to existing technologies and possibilities for novel techniques.

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UKWIR Reference :- 17/WM/08/61Published Date :- 21/10/2017
Retail Price (£) :- 10ISBN :- 1 84057 836 X