Achieving Zero Leakage by 2050: Laying Leak Free New Networks

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This project is one of five UKWIR projects that form a strategic research programme to address the question “How can we achieve zero leakage by 2050?” The project aimed to identify what research and development will be required to facilitate the path to zero leakage.

The objective of this report is to identify the issues (design, materials and workmanship) that currently contribute to high leakage rates and to examine how changes to current installation practices or the need for new techniques are required to facilitate laying leak-free new networks.

You can download this report FOC via the UKWIR website. 



UKWIR Reference :- 17/WM/08/64Published Date :- 21/10/2017
Retail Price (£) :- 14ISBN :- 1 84057 839 4