Sink to River - River to Tap - A review of potential risks from nano-particles & microplastics

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This research project found that water treatment works (WTW) and wastewater treatment works (WwTW) remove 99.9% of microplastic particles present in the raw water or sewage prior to treatment.

The study involved repeat sampling over several months at a range of different WTW and WwTW located around the UK to provide evidence from a range of sources and treatment processes.

Although standard methods do not yet exist, the project developed a method that provided repeatable results for microplastic particles of greater than 25 µm and sought to minimise the impact of airborne contamination during sampling and analysis on results.

The most common polymers found were polyethylene and polypropylene.

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UKWIR Reference :- 19/EQ/01/18Published Date :- 09/09/2019
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Supporting Material and Reports

Appendix G Examination of the report DWI 70/2/246 Review of the risks posed to drinking water by man-made Nanoparticles (2011)