Managing the Risks Presented by Pipeburst, Redundant and Live Asbestos Cement Pipe Water Distribution Mains: Risk Assessment of Asbestos Fibre Release During Rehabilitation of Asbestos Cement Water Ma

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The objective of this study was to derive quantitative values for asbestos fibre concentrations released by a range of rehabilitation options and a range of conditions. These data would be incorporated into the qualitative risk assessment model developed during an earlier UKWIR project 'Risk assessment for the replacement of asbestos cement water distribution pipes' (ref no 02/WM/03/8) to validate the conclusion reached in that report that decommissioning and pipe bursting represent lower risk options than removal.

Air monitoring at two pipe bursting sites was undertaken and the concentration of respirable asbestos fibres released was measured. Also, samples of asbestos cement pipes were crush tested and the concentration of asbestos fibres released was measured.

Quantitative values for respirable asbestos fibre release were incorporated into a quantitative risk assessment model to estimate the comparative respirable asbestos fibres release concentrations for the decommissioning, pipe bursting and open-cut removal techniques.

The study concluded that the open-cut removal technique demonstrates a higher risk of respirable asbestos fibre release than the decommissioning and pipe bursting techniques.




UKWIR Reference :- 04/WM/03/17Published Date :- 13/06/2005
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