Invasive and Non-Native Species (INNS) Implications on the Water Industry

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In light of new legislation, including the Infrastructure Act 2015, surrounding the control and management of Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS), this UKWIR project has assessed the potential obligations for the UK water industry and their role in meeting legal and social requirements.

Predictions of the likely INNS species threat for 10 INNS species over the period 2015-50 were compiled, together with a catalogue of management measures. Overall five key actions were identified, to support manage and aid compliance, these were: the development of INNS pathway management plans; the integration of companywide biosecurity policies into business as usual operations including supply chain management; the delivery of preventative surveillance monitoring programmes; the provision of appropriate wash down facilities; and continuous targeted stakeholder engagement.

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UKWIR Reference :- 16/DW/02/82Published Date :- 26/10/2016
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 Invasive and Non-Native Species (INNS) Implications on the Water Industry