How best to align the funding processes with the various bodies involved in resolving flooding

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Collaborative working between water and sewerage companies is in its infancy and there is therefore a need to develop common and systematic approaches to:

- identify and prioritise collaborative funding opportunities;
- work together to identify the full set of costs and benefits to different partners;
- ensure that partnership working can save money, unlock investment, and deliver multiple benefits;
- apportion benefits of investment to each partner and hence indicate a potential funding contribution, and;
- consider appropriate delivery mechanisms, and how to manage financial and delivery risks.

Guiding principles developed for this project build upon the existing good practice and will support a common and systematic approach to unlock collaborative opportunities. 

This report is available free of charge from the Environment Agency's website.



UKWIR Reference :- 16/SW/01/16Published Date :- 07/10/2016
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