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UKWIR has been positively shaping the UK water industry's future for over 25 years.
We facilitate, manage & deliver a strategic programme of research projects for our members, the Water Companies of the UK and Ireland, to address the key challenges they face.  We do this by providing leadership in shaping the future water research agenda.-

UKWIR’s 4th Annual Conference, which took place in London in November 2023, explored the importance of research and innovation in addressing the water challenges of the 21st century and featured high-profile speakers from across water companies, regulators, the media and the supply chain.
To find out more about the key highlights from this year’s conference:

Big questions

The focus of our research is captured in our Big Questions.  These questions cover many Research Themes and activities of work and represent the key challenges they face, now and in the future.

UKWIR Big Question VIDEO

You can directly access five of our Big Questions below, with a sixth link to all twelve.


Leadership transition at UKWIR

Published On 11/06/2024

Update gives insights into non-acoustic leak detection and location technologies

Published On 19/05/2024

Customer behaviour campaigns on blockage reduction

Published On 17/05/2024

Introducing the next phase of the Chemical Investigations Programme (CIP)

Published On 16/05/2024

UKWIR seeks partners for carbon accounting workbook

Published On 17/04/2024

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Latest Publications (for non-members)

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Overall Impacts

Published: 16/07/2024

WWTWs' Process Emissions: Optimisation of Current Processes

The water industry is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas (GHG) ...

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Drinking Water Quality & Health

Published: 16/07/2024 16:51:53

Prevalence of Viruses and Somatic Coliphage in UK Waters - Method Development and Data Gathering

The main aim of this work is to enhance risk-based preventative strat...

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Overall Impacts

Published: 09/07/2024 10:09:55

Supporting whole life carbon reduction

There is growing scrutiny of our embodied / scope 3 emissions: the qu...

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Published: 23/01/2024 13:33:27

Alternative permitting Approaches

The project aims were to understand how other countries and environme...

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At The Tap

Published: 09/01/2024 09:24:09

Harnessing Pesticide Degrading Bacteria for Enhanced Drinking Water Treatment

This research aimed to enhance biological pesticide degradation in th...

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